Overly pricey.
Jeff Stringer via - Oct 14, 2018
If u like sea food, donโ€™t hesitate to visit this amazing restaurant. Great food with a good view on lake champlain. The stuff is welcoming Food is sooo good and they serve big plates The photo is shrimp taco with curled fries ... read more
mireille el herr via - Oct 14, 2018
Traveling to Vermont from California ...
Traveling to Vermont from California and stopped in with my family. Unbelievable food and the service was excellent. Don't listen to the reviews ... read more
S M. via - Oct 13, 2018
The setting is very scenic. The food is pretty good.
Phillip Cox via - Oct 13, 2018
Nice views. Fresh basic seafood.
Michele Denault via - Oct 12, 2018
The fish and chips we're terrific.
DeeAnn Caudel via - Oct 11, 2018
Stunning Sunset
We had a table overlooking Lake Champlain and the sunset was spectacular with reflections off the lake before it disappeared behind the Adirondacks. Cocktails before our meal were a nice treat, a cup of clam chowder was yum, shrimp tacos were tasty and shared the...More ... read more
Bobbi B via - Oct 11, 2018
Great service--Tess was very fun--and the food was very good, especially the macaroni & cheese, & the key lime pie. Also, the Lakeside Lemonade is a great drink. ( I had 2!) ... read more
William Conrad via - Oct 10, 2018
Great Views, Awesome Seafood!
Terrific service, with outstanding seafood...fresh and tasty. The Steamers were a delicious treat and it was fun to share. Nice wine pairing and the clam chowder was authentic and creamy yummy! We enjoyed the view of the lake and loved sitting out on the deck!
hoopdog210 via - Oct 9, 2018
Such amazing broiled salmon! The ...
Such amazing broiled salmon! The best salmon I've ever had. Also the Mac n cheese was on point! Great place with views out to the lake. Great vacation meal spot!
Hilary B. via - Oct 9, 2018
Wonderful seafood dinner overlooking the lake.
We had a table overlooking the lake, which was very nice. In summer, seating on the deck would be fabulous. My husband and I both had clam chowder, which came with cole slaw and a roll. All were well prepared and very tasty. We also...More ... read more
Navigate809510 via - Oct 8, 2018
I took my grandson here last night when I was in town. He is a freshman at UVM and LOVES lobster! I thought it would be a nice special treat for a kid who lives in a college dorm. I was right. Not only were...More ... read more
Dreamer693320 via - Oct 6, 2018
Great Service, Average Food
My wife and I were visiting Burlington and wanted a nice, relaxing evening with some cocktails and good seafood. Upon entering this restaurant, we sat at the bar and had a couple drinks, the two bartenders were excellent and we had great conversation. Then we...More ... read more
EdLoves2Travel via - Oct 5, 2018
We actually went two days in a row. The Clam Chowder was the best I have ever eaten. It was amazing
We actually went two days in a row. The Clam Chowder was the best I have ever eaten. It was amazing. Great service too.
Patsy Taylor Cafego via - Oct 5, 2018
Beautifully located with a view on Lake Champlain sharing great food ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Beautifully located with a view on Lake Champlain sharing great food ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ... read more
Riccardo Cifola via - Oct 3, 2018
Great seafood
The food was great but the view of Lake Champlain was phenomenal. I had the broiled scallops, shrimp, and salmon. Definitely worth a visit ... read more
mmilam50 via - Oct 2, 2018
Good ... not great
The ambiance is lovely...the meals were generally good although my shrimp scampi had over cooked pasta which made the whole dish a little mushy. The steamed clams were good but the scallion-filled birth wasnโ€™t very flavorful. My husband didnโ€™t like that there were breadcrumbs on...More ... read more
Jody P via - Sep 30, 2018
Sad to report this on a restaurant ...
Sad to report this on a restaurant that I loved years ago.The service was meh. ย The lobster bisque and chowder we ordered were not hot (but still tasty). ย My friend's burger did not come with the slaw it was supposed to.And then! ย When I looked at my credit card charges after the trip the server had changed the amount to her advantag ... read more
Cathy B. via - Sep 30, 2018
Very good but different menu then one on tripadvisor
We came here in April looking for a place to have drinks on the lake. We found at that point there was no bar, but renovations were getting done. The waitress was completely fine with us sitting at a table for a few beers. We...More ... read more
GardenGal101681 via - Sep 29, 2018
Gooded food. Reasonable prices.
Brian Garland via - Sep 29, 2018
Great Food, Great Service, Great Views
This is a must visit if you like sea food. The portions are HUGE and well priced. We had the lobster bisque, garden salad, and lobster roll. This was by far the best lobster weโ€™ve ever had! So many options on the menu just plan...More ... read more
Lisa S via - Sep 26, 2018
Excellent ... read more
Lisa Stackhouse via - Sep 25, 2018
I have been there over a dozen times- seafood is always fresh and excellent. The service and the v
I have been there over a dozen times- seafood is always fresh and excellent. The service and the view are also excellent !
Kimberlee Collins via - Sep 24, 2018
Great food and service to go along with a killer view! And to top that, they are dog friendly!!
Great food and service to go along with a killer view! And to top that, they are dog friendly!!
John Pickarski via - Sep 24, 2018
Great seafood. Pleasant staff.
Great seafood. Pleasant staff.
Mary Jane McMahon via - Sep 23, 2018
Abouslutley loved it! My lobster was fantastic! Beautiful view out over Lake Champlain while we ate.
sara hoenshel via - Sep 22, 2018
What a find! We had just flown in and want to be by the water. The special was lobster rolls! Bingo, jackpot, delicious! So glad we found this place!
Carolyn Preston via - Sep 21, 2018
Great place to sit and watch the sunset over Lake Champlain. Good chowder and lobster roll. Mixed drinks ok.
Kevlyn Baker via - Sep 19, 2018
Seafood Fix
Being from the Southwest, weโ€™re always on the lookout for some great authentic New England Seafood. Well, we had an opportunity to visit Burlington, VT for a few days on a business trip. The locals recommended Shanty on the Shore for seafood. They were spot...More ... read more
MrBlueSkyNM via - Sep 19, 2018
wonderful everything๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒ 
wonderful everything๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒ  ... read more
Michele Fay Kay via - Sep 19, 2018
Centrally located near Burlingtonโ€™s waterfront. Great views of Lake Champlain inside or out. Short wait for a table. I loved both the clam chowder ( voted in the top 10 in the Boston Globe) and the lobster roll. It was stuffed with lobster meat with...More ... read more
chinagirl1155 via - Sep 18, 2018
Good but why is that bar in the ...
Good but why is that bar in the lobby. The bar needs to be over looking the water. ย Nice place.
JT M. via - Sep 18, 2018
Best on the shore
We chose this restaurant from a Google search for seafood, lake views, and a 4+ star rating. We ordered shrimp cocktail, served over ice in a white ceramic boat. Mac & cheese, baked in house. Maple ginger salmon was a huge serving. The fish and...More ... read more
ladynfamous via - Sep 17, 2018
Nice atmosphere and good sea food.
Richard Laws via - Sep 17, 2018
Beautiful view of sunset on Lake Champlain
We were lucky enough to be seated on the back deck, providing us a perfectly amazing view of Lake Champlain at sunset. It was relaxing to sit there, even in the midst of the other diners. We started with lobster bisque and clam chowder -...More ... read more
KittyK17 via - Sep 16, 2018
Great view great food. Great service.
Joshua Nemzoff via - Sep 16, 2018
Beautiful view sitting on the deck. Good food ... read more
Marie Pinyan via - Sep 15, 2018
Its always amazing food and amazing service nice beautiful patio deck โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป
Its always amazing food and amazing service nice beautiful patio deck โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป ... read more
Amber Lawyer via - Sep 15, 2018
We had lunch here today. Maddie our waitress was very friendly and efficient. The seafood was delic
We had lunch here today. Maddie our waitress was very friendly and efficient. The seafood was delicious and fresh! Key Lime pie for dessert๐Ÿ’• The view on the deck is amazing ... read more
Pat Bryar via - Sep 14, 2018
Good seafood in a great location. This is a great place to grab some food and drinks before exploring the town. Close to lots of places and the views are great. Outside seating is awesome when the weather is good. Great for a family meal.
Alex Brayman via - Sep 12, 2018
Nice remodel ... read more
Mary Burt via - Sep 12, 2018
๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ ... read more
Hiep Nguyen via - Sep 11, 2018
Loved the place and the food. Our server was very accommodating and solicitous and the view of Lake
Loved the place and the food. Our server was very accommodating and solicitous and the view of Lake Champlain made lunch with good friends all the more wonderful!
Elenita Balaba Layugan via - Sep 10, 2018
Called for the wait list, still ...
Called for the wait list, still waited 15-20 minutes. Had nice views of the sunset while waiting. Food was good, waitress seemed monotone and uninterested as she was taking our order ( saw her looking around when my date was ordering). She was polite though. Timely service for food. Decent lobster roll and shrimp scampi.
Maureen A. via - Sep 10, 2018
Great View
Stopped off here after a wonderful schooner sailing on the lake. Had the Vermont maple syrup salmon. It was cooked perfectly! Really enjoyed the coleslaw appetizer. Beautiful view of the lake and recreation path.
Scotts70_40 via - Sep 10, 2018
Food is ok.
Kevin Breden via - Sep 9, 2018
Awesome food and beautiful views ... read more
Linda Kropf via - Sep 8, 2018
Good food and drinks. Great view. Get the clam chowder ๐Ÿ˜˜.
George Hood via - Sep 8, 2018
Take a LUMS restaurant from the 80s, make it seafood themed, don't refurbish or upgrade the building, bathrooms, tables, chairs, or menu for 30 years and you've got The Shanty. Dopey run down tourist trap, but it *is* the only affordable seafood place around. Dated a really cool girl who worked there for a while, so +1 star.
Killian Hermann via - Sep 7, 2018
Love the new look!
Love the new entrance, bar area as well as dining on the deck. The evening was perfect for being on the deck because the views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks is amazing. We ordered scallops, escargot, caesar salad and fried clams all delicious! big...More ... read more
Linda A via - Sep 7, 2018
good food and service
I took Maple Salmon which was excellent , hot and a good portion. My husband took the Fish and chip wich was also excellent and good portion too. Thรฉ zuchini could be less cook.
52sylvie via - Sep 7, 2018
Delicious! I left stuffed!
Lesley Boyd via - Sep 6, 2018
Dinner at this restaurant was a very enjoyable experience. Nice atmosphere, great views of Lake Champlain and most importantly, great food and service. Lobster was very tasty but a bit expensive (even more than the usual expensive). Key Lime sure to try it....was delicious and I would say it favorably compares to the good k ... read more
Harry Cibak via - Sep 6, 2018
Labor day dinner
Labor day, so wasn't expecting great seating options. Sat upstairs with a great view of the ferry dock and boat launch. Felt bad for the server since she had to carry up and down the stairs. Food was good...Fish and chips, PEI Mussels and shrimp/scallop...More ... read more
Tim B via - Sep 5, 2018
Husband had fish and chips while I had the broiled haddock with herbs. Food was fresh and delish!! Prices are a bit high but worth it.
A Google User via - Sep 4, 2018
Excellent clam chowder, good oysters ...
Excellent clam chowder, good oysters, really good shrimp and scallops. Great service and great views from the deck...
D M. via - Sep 2, 2018
Lobster at its finest.
Growing up on Cape Cod in MA, I worked on a lobster boat so the one thing I know is, a good lobster. I was in Burlington for business and read the reviews on Trip Advisor about the Shanty on the Shore. The lobster roll...More ... read more
Stacey G via - Sep 2, 2018
The food was good. Even though the wait was a bit long as our party sat outside and looked inside to see many tables free, we were eventually seated. The waitress was nice and the food was pretty quick. I would go back to have the maple ginger salmon.
Sovanna Pouv via - Sep 2, 2018
Would have liked to have sat outside ...
Would have liked to have sat outside but it was a long wait and it was too humid outside. ย Food was awesome and service was top notch.
Barbara V. via - Sep 1, 2018
Great restaurant, friendly staff ...
Great restaurant, friendly staff and good service. ย The fish was fresh and seasoned just right. ย The view of Lake Champlain was beautiful. ย We will come back next vacation.
Tanya P. via - Aug 31, 2018
Great service. Food was good.
monica moats via - Aug 30, 2018
Seafood with a view
Seafood with a view. The food the service all was great. The views were a bonus. The food was fresh and very good.
Andre589 via - Aug 30, 2018
Group of 5 on a Weekday
My group of 5 on a Wednesday afternoon for drinks and appetizers was okay but not fabulous. Carol the waittress was wonderful. The nachos were terrible, however, the clam chowder and oysters hit the spot. We sat on the deck even tho it was unseasonably...More ... read more
A TripAdvisor Member via - Aug 29, 2018
Best New England seafood restaurant in Burlington, Vermont. Terrific views of the lake, great service, nice atmosphere, variety of food and bar.
Elizabeth Golden via - Aug 27, 2018
The clam chowder was great. Grilled shrimp was also spectacular. Friend haddock was not so good, nor was the crab cake ... read more
Stanley Kuhn via - Aug 26, 2018
I work there ... read more
Raymond R. Jones via - Aug 26, 2018
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